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New Flax Weaving Workshops

I am happy to offer two more flax weaving workshops in cooperation with Tutere Gallery + Creative Space in Waikanae Beach. A day of learning and fun guaranteed. I am looking forward to hear from you!  

Lichens Beauty

I enjoy photography. Although I dont call myself a photographer, I love to take my camera and go for a walk down the Otaki riverbed, through the nearby bush or even just around the house and garden. There is always something that catches my eyes and sometimes I spend hours to get an image how I like it. […]

Concrete Inspirations

Using a concrete as a new medium in my arts practice means I have to do some research about techniques and possibilities the new material offers, health and safety issues involved, but also finding inspirations from artists who are already work with concrete. Thanks pinterest & Co. and I found a few artists working with concrete and fibres. Marlies Hoevers is the […]

Moving On. Concrete Engagement!

A couple of month ago I started to experiment with other media within my art. I wanted to bring in another component to my work. My work is usually very soft, tactile, light, fragile and sometimes translucent. I was looking at opposed properties such as hard, solid, heavy and dense. Contextual practise is part of […]