Artist Bio


Born 1975 in East Berlin, I stepped into the world of art when I immigrated to New Zealand in 2011. During my art studies I have explored a large range of media and processes, finding my passion in the art of natural fibres and processes. In 2017 I graduated with a bachelor’s degree majoring in textiles.

At the same time, I was taught in traditional raranga/weaving harakeke by my husband and later through wananga.

Currently I work from my studio in the Ōtaki Gorge, where I also run art workshops on a regular base.


Since my arrival in Aotearoa I have been influenced by traditional Māori art and the values and belief systems in te ao Māori, especially their deep connections with te taiao (the natural world). I find my inspiration in my rural environment, that results in a subdued autumnal colour palette and rich textures in my work.

My previous exhibition ‘In Dialogue with Papatūānuku’ (2021) reflects on my own experiences and connections with the nature, particularly with the ngahere. My latest solo exhibition ‘Safe Space’ (2021/2022) explores the ngahere as a place of peace, healing and inspiration in an installation of naturally dyed paper from native leaves.

I have established my arts practice around using natural materials, preferred those I am finding on my daily walks. In my studio the transformation in form of weaving, twining, stitching, dyeing and other hand manipulation takes place. It is important to me having that physical contact with the materials to create a stronger relationship with them.

Sometimes my work is of ephemeral nature, only captured in my photographs.

Lately my work has taken a new direction towards three-dimensional art form for their haptic aesthetics and especially those that create intricate shadows that become part of the work.