Back with a new look!

I haven’t been posting for while, not because nothing has happened worth to write about but because so much has happened.

First of all, as you may have noticed my website has got a new look, with more information about my art practise, workshops, projects and much more, have a browse!
During the cold time of the year (yes, we are just out of winter) I participated in the 100 days project along with some of my artist friends; it was an intense time of learning, sharing, fun, frustration and in the end success! Our work was exhibited at Tutere Gallery during September this year. Here you can watch all 100 pieces at a glance.

In September I spend three weeks in Germany visiting friends and family and also used the opportunity to see some great art exhibitions such as the internationally renowned Boros Stiftung. I was lucky enough to go to the Berlin Art Week, inspired by contemporary art work of some of Europe’s best current and past artists. Being back to Berlin also allowed me to observe my hometown from an artistic angle that gave me deeper understanding of my origins that will inform my artistic progresses.

Back home in New Zealand I went straight into the preparations for the annual Kapiti Arts Trail, a two weekend event, welcoming visitors into my studio, to see and talk about my work, ideas and processes.

In December I am exhibiting new work, together with my friend and artist fellow Fiona Christeller at Pataka in Porirua. Details will follow.

Nice to have you back!