Before New Zealand went into lockdown I made a plan, writing down a list with jobs to do for the next few weeks. I have no idea where I put that list.

Being an artist, I am used to work in solitude and not even going anywhere for a couple of days in a row. I am enjoying being in my workshop surrounded by birdsong, vista and even rippling rain.

I had that expectation that I had a very long time of creativity (and yes, a bit of cleaning too) ahead of me. And that not really much would change, apart from my regular running sessions in the local pool, meeting good friends and the odd evening walk at the beach.

Therefore, there was not much to prepare apart from some panic harvesting harakeke on the last day before our country shut their doors.

I love my daily morning walk. I enjoy walking to explore my immediate environment. Ok, and for some fitness. Over the time of lockdown I found that my walking behaviour changed, walks turned into wander with no rush or desire to return, no time pressure. Longer and slower walks, taking time to stop and soaking up the surroundings with all senses. And always with my two best mates in my bubble, my camera and my secateurs.

What I mostly enjoyed was the time spent in my studio, the creative process that just organically grew, leading up to some new (finished and unfinished) work, learning and ideas. Thanks to the internet for unlimited data for research and inspiration.

Looking back, I finished two quite big harakeke wall hangings I always wanted to do when I had time. With the abundance of natural materials around the farm I explored eco dyeing with bark, sewing bark, made my first random woven vessels from vines I found alongside the road, making cordage with dandelion and and harakeke and learnt how to strip the bark of mahoe (whitey wood) preparing twigs and little branches for a future project.

No idea where the last four (?) weeks went. Certainly no time spent with extensive cleaning.