My new art installation ‘Ko Papatūānuku e takoto ake nei’ is currently on show at Hastings City Art Gallery.

Grateful because New Zealand has just moved into level two of our Covid19 alert system which means that galleries are able to open their doors to the public again.

Also timely, as many of us are re thinking their relationship to the natural world during and after the coronavirus lockdown.

Since I am living in New Zealand (almost 10 years now) I have been spending countless hours of wandering and foraging through my rural neighborhood. Over that time my senses sharpened, allowing me to notice and appreciate subtle changes of smell, light and sounds of the native bush with the change of seasons, weather and daytime. Appreciation the simplicity and beauty of the moment that is often overseen and ignored in today’s fast paced society.

The result is a selection of small scaled objects; transformed and enhanced to reveal the simple beauty yet complicated structures and tactile nature of small offerings of our forest. I have used low techniques such as stitching and weaving, as well as hand manipulation to shape natural matter without eliminating their unique personalities.

The collection includes barks, sticks, leaves, harakeke, muka, vines, seedpods and more.

The exhibition is on until the 2nd of August at Hastings City Art Gallery, please check opening times with the gallery directly.