Harakeke weaving workshop 30 April 2016 9.30am-4.30pm

I am offering an introduction to the Māori art of flax weaving in an intensive one day workshop in my studio. This is a workshop suitable for beginners.

What do you get

  • an introduction about types of harakeke and their uses
  • an overview about the tikanga (protocol) of the process of harvesting and using harakeke
  • learn some basic techniques
  • construct and complete a small basket

What to bring

All material and tools are provided. Bring your camera and pen and paper if you wish to take notes (recommended)

Workshop numbers are limited so make sure to book as soon as possible.

Price $ 60 (including tea & coffee, and lunch)kono-flax basket by Birgit Moffatt



2 replies
  1. jude Hoani-TeUruti
    jude Hoani-TeUruti says:

    teenaa koe Birgit

    I am interested to know what natural dye you have used to make the blue colours on the raranga in the pic.

    ngaa mihi

  2. Birgit Moffatt
    Birgit Moffatt says:

    Kia ora Jude,

    thanks for contacting me, I guess you referring to the blue raranga in the circle? This one is not natural dyed (I wish it was), I am using Teri Dyes for most of my harakeke dying or leave it natural. Its really hard to get a blue from natural dyes, I did some research and read somewhere that makomako bark achieves blue hues, haven’t tried it though. Indigo might work. Nga mihi Birgit

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