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Kāpiti Arts Trail 2015

First things first, after a few considerations I decided to give it a go and applied for the Kāpiti Arts Trail 2015. And got in! This will be the first time I open my new studio for the public and I just realized its only 6 weeks to go. Here the key dates and further […]


What is better than a walk on a beautiful clear morning? Technically it is still winter but signs of spring showing everywhere! Plus the sounds of the birds and the smell of moist crisp forest air… Cannot describe the feelings but I guess that is a form of belonging. Kia ora Aotearoa!

Poet Meets Artist

Confluent 2015 exhibition opening this Friday! This is an annual collaboration between local  poets and artists. Join and enjoy poems and art works in different media over a beer or wine and some nibbles! This is  a taster of my work reflecting on a poem of Hal Gimpelson.  

Matariki Star Weaving workshop at Mahara Gallery

As part of the Matariki Celebrations on the Kapiti Coast environmental jeweller JoAnna Mere and myself were weaving stars with kids using Harakeke (New Zealand flax). Matariki is the Māori name for a cluster of stars (the Pleiades), which arise in mid winter. Matariki symbolize the start of the Māori new year, the end of the harvest, when […]

handmade paper snuggeries

Wintertime is snuggle time, it has to be warm and cosy inside. I made these snuggeries from harakeke (NZ flax) and red hot poker pulp which I harvested and stored in the freezer earlier this year. Harakeke and linen fibres Red hot poker Harakeke and red hot poker      

3D drawing with Kowhai Seed Pods

an idea further developed. I knotted those kowhai seed pods together to achieve a bit more structure and see what came out of this. Thanks Elise, she is such a patient hat model.

My first harakeke hat!

Done! I always wanted to be able to weave a hat, I had the opportunity to learn some new techniques in my raranga (flax weaving course) in Levin, NZ.  So I gave it a go!   The brim maybe a bit short but it fits perfect. I am going to give it away as that […]

A productive day eco printing

The cold time of the year has arrived, so making comfortable  and warming merino scarves using eco print felt just right. A walk on our farm and through my neighborhood picking the last colorful leaves. Good that the natives don’t loose their leaves during winter time. Placing the leaves on merino knit fabric (wool and natural dyes have an […]

ephemeral seed pod sculptures

If you haven’t seen the breathtaking sculptures of Andy Goldsworthy you must do now. His work is so beautiful, fragile, strong, soft, hard. Its so inspirational that I had to go in my studio to have a play with some kowhai and harakeke (NZ flax) seed pods. I made them for the moment to enjoy and to give them back […]

Fibre Arts New Zealand workshop in Whanganui

Just came back from a 5 days workshop in Whanganui to meet the lovely Australian artist Meredith Woolnough and to learn some of her sewing techniques. Here are some of her samples she brought to show us. She basically sews with her sewing machine using the free motion food onto soluble paper which will wash away later. This way she creates wonderful fragile flat […]