We are almost through the first month of the new year and I am asking myself what I have done over the last couple of month? I don’t think I have done anything rather than letting the days slide by. Which woudn’t be the worst thing to happen, by the way. Looking back at my diary, I feel quite relieved to discover that there are quite a few things I achieved and I want to share a special little project with you.

So last December I decided to escape the mainstream xmas commerce and create my very own xmas presents, 24 bundles of eco dyed fabrics, one each day. I wandered and gathered plant material from places I have been at that particular day, made bundles and let them simmer in my pot.

On xmas eve (which in my culture is the most important day of xmas) I took my 24 bundles down the Ōtaki River, undoing each (more or less patiently) and rinsing the fabric in the fresh clean water, releasing the leaves. What an exciting moment! I so enjoyed the time down there, away from noises (apart from the flow of the river). The project made me stop, look and forage in the busiest time of the year, so I consider to repeat this practice again. Some of the fabrics I turned into poi for my next project which I will write about in another post soon.