Shifting Perspective is the title of my new Solo Exhibition, currently showing in the Whakatāne Museum and Art Galleries.

It all started with my submission ‘Balancing Act’, that was accepted into the Molly Morpeth Canaday Awards about two years ago. This work (see image) was based on the Māori concept of Te Whare Tapa Whā developed by Sir Mason Durie in the 1984. It describes the meeting house with their four sides (taha tinana/physical, taha hinengaro/mental, taha wairua/spiritual and taha whānau/familiy health and that all four sides need to be in balance for our wellbeing.

It was also the begin of my own healing journey navigating through stressful family times and re- evaluating those family relationships.

Inspired by the proverb

‘Life is Change, Growth is optional. Choose wisely’

Shifting Perspective explores how changing the mindset can help to go through those troublesome periods and subsequently to heal and grow from those experiences.

I have been using harakeke as a vehicle to contextualize my ideas; harakeke has strong links to whānau concepts and the triangular geometric forms predominantly in this exhibition represent change, balance and unity.

Harakeke leaves have been carefully hand cut and left to dry into cylindrical forms. I have used simple threading techniques to develop this work and being in constant touch with my materials has helped to calm and ground me.

Shifting perspective, letting go of our expectations and accepting what is can ultimately lead to the restoration of mental and spiritual health and personal growth.

The exhibition is on until the 11th of November 2023.

Mauri ora