Rangiora packaging for Arts Trail

I love that plant. Rangiora. I dont know why its called rangiora, but rangi means sky and ora life in te reo māori. I first noticed it because of its unusual leaf form.rangiora print by Birgit Moffatt rangiora print by Birgit Moffatt

Then I learnt that it has been used in rongoā, traditional māori medicine. And the first settlers used it as toilet paper because of the soft paper like underside of the leaf.

I tried eco print with rangiora, without much success. My friend Helena wrote me a German bread recipe on a leaf of Rangiora (and the bread is really yummy).bread recipe on Rangiora

Because it has such lovely veins I tried to simple paint it with thickened dye and printed it on my brown paper bags, ready for the Kapiti Arts Trail.

rangiora print by Birgit Moffatt rangiora print by Birgit Moffatt

Finished. Hope to print a new batch soon… rangiora print by Birgit Moffatt