What kind of things do you bring home from your holidays? Rocks, sand, shells, pods, sticks, leaves or new shoes? Apart from the named above (exception are the shoes) I have collected a range of textures on my latest trips. Taking home textures? Well yes, as images.

A short photo trip took me to the Tongariro National Park in the central North Island of New Zealand. In addition to the standard landscape, morning and evening shoots, which by the way where amazing too, an afternoon shoot in Horopito inspired me most.

Horopito is a small place – I wouldn’t want to call it a town – and is home to Horopito Motors or probably better known as Smash Palace, named after a movie filmed there in 1981. It contains a massive amount of car wrecks from the 1920’s on – half rotten, stacked, piled and sometimes ‘organically’ lined up.

Not that I ever been much interested in old cars (or new ones) but it turned out to be a paradise for texture found on the remnants of those old cars through corrosion and exposure to the rough weather for so many years . An inspiration not only for textures but also patterns and colours – certainly worth a visit!