As part of the Matariki Celebrations on the Kapiti Coast environmental jeweller JoAnna Mere and myself were weaving stars with kids using Harakeke (New Zealand flax). Matariki is the Māori name for a cluster of stars (the Pleiades), which arise in mid winter. Matariki symbolize the start of the Māori new year, the end of the harvest, when food was abundant but is also a time to remember the deceased.
In Māori language matariki means “eyes of god”.

For me it was the first time to give a workshop with kids but surprisingly enough those little ones were really lovely, keen on learning, and all of them left happily with a woven star and more ideas to follow up at home. Thanks to JoAnna for this experience and to Mahara Gallery, the initiators and hosts of this event.

Weaving workshop with Birgit MoffattJoAnna Mere

Happy kids

Weaving workshop with Birgit Moffatt Weaving workshop with Birgit Moffatt

Weaving workshop with Birgit MoffattWeaving workshop with Birgit Moffatt